Sunday, 1 September 2013

WoWscreenshotaday - The Shots I Didn't Use

   Tycertank's WoWscreenshotaday challenge has been awesome. I've really enjoyed it, and if it were to come about again, you could count me in for certain.
   Every morning, and, in some cases, the evening before, I would take my shots, edit them and upload them onto my blog, tweeting them shortly afterwards. I would have planned the shot for a full day before hand, thinking about where I should go, what I should shoot, and what I'd need to craft or gather first, if anything.
   But sometimes I'd take a great shot, only for something else to cross my path or pop into my mind immediately afterwards. For fun, I'd go and take that shot, on the off-chance that it turned out well, and in most cases it certainly did, and it would leave the original stuck in a little folder, never to be seen. Don't get me wrong, there are shots I've taken and submitted that were sub-par, but I stuck with them because I had no other ideas, and I don't regret them, because I still have no better ideas.

   But some of the shots that I didn't submit were actually pretty good, but I didn't feel that they measured up to what came afterwards (or in one or two cases, before). And so I'm making this post, displaying the good shots I took that never made it to the competition.

Alternative shot for Day 5 'Early' - Valley of the Four Winds

Alternative shot for Day 7 'A Sign' - giant snake skeleton in Stranglethorn Vale

Alternative shot for Day 8 'Peek-a-Boo' - creepy skirt Goblin

Alternative shot for Day 12 'Macro' - wood carving

Alternative shot for Day 14 'Trash' - Oracles; one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Alternative shot to Day 18 'Someone You Spoke To Today' - Master Nguyen

Alternative shot for Day 19 'Lost' - Island in Stranglethorn Vale

Alternative shot for Day 19 'Lost' - 'Lost' hatch, numbers read '5 9 16 17 24 43' - in WotLK beta, the numbers matched a fortune card's tell, but were changed when the it was released.

Alternative shot for Day 29 'Lucky' - alternative version of the used shot

Alternative shot for Day 31 'Dangerous' - crashed Goblin rocket


  1. We are continuing on this month too if you want to keep posting pics! :)

  2. I was going to, and while I enjoyed it a lot, I'm not sure I want to jump right back in. I might join in again after a week or so ^^ I also find the themes to be either a little vague or too straight forward sometimes, and I can't help thinking that more interpretable themes would be better. But that might just be me.


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