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   I decided I'd make a costume post for Halloween. It didn't really work as I'd planned, though, since none of them were scary - not really that easy in WoW, to be honest - and decided intsead to try a different tact. Instead of Halloween costumes, they are simply costumes.
   I initially decided I'd focus on people I admired, but I can't find many people I admire, let alone anyone who I could work with in WoW. So it eventually ended up turning into costumes of my favourite characters this year. I only managed three, but they're three ladies that I came across or rediscovered this year.

Mooncloth RobeFrigid Mail CircletWhite Swashbuckler's shirt,  Styled white hair

   I obviously didn't only recently come across her. Far from it. But I did only see The Hobbit on around January the 5th. I remember that because it's when Koruth and I celebrated our birthdays together, him on December 28th, and me on January 9th.
   I'm not really a fan of Elves. I've grown quite tired over them, and a few years ago I lost interest in them. You'll be hard pushed to find any elves in any stories I write (you know, except Atherya's diary), whereas one of my best friends writes nothing but Elves. But, I like Galadriel. She's very odd, but she's so pleasant. She's not a horrible person at all, not remotely stuck up, and yet she knows so much - but, not enough to keep her from ever being surprised. She's beautiful, she's generous, she loves everyone regardless of race (there are exceptions, though *ahemorcsahem*). She's fabulous. But, as she demonstrated, she is not as strong as she could be. She knows what would happen if she were to take the Ring, she knows it would consume her, and she knows that while she would use it for good, it would manipulate her, and she wouldn't be able to stop it. But she was strong enough to turn away from and remove herself from the presence of its influence.
   This costume was...well, no, not easy either really. The robe was hard to make because felcloth is difficult to farm, and if you look at it too long the shirt beneath the robe starts to stand out, and the circlet is a little odd. I went for the simplest head piece I could, and it took me hours to farm. I ended up with a complete grey plate set with extra pieces before it finally dropped! I was killing stormcrest hatchlings, which is a pain because you have to wait for them to spawn, so I waited at the top of the waterfall in Bor's Breath. Still, I'm very happy with the outcome here.

White Wedding Dress,  Parted long black hair

   Sephrenia is a character from David Eddings' Elenium Trilogy, which I read early this year. I have small issues with Eddings' work, I feel it could be written better (and I don't say that with the idea that I could do it any better), but, his ideas were phenomenal, and that is half of the importance. To be a successful writer, you need to be able to write, and you need to have unique ideas. If one of these is greater than the other, it can carry the weaker half. Eddings is my second favourite author, and any book I ever read by him is always better than the last one I read. Sephrenia is a very interesting character, with pale skin, long black hair, and of a race that uses magic and are looked down and mistrusted on by everyone else. She's exceptional.
   I love the Elenium Trilogy - it's my favourite trilogy, second to the Lord of the Rings. I actually have a reference to the trilogy in Atherya's diary: her horse's name, Styric, is in fact the name of the race that Sephrenia herself is.
   The costume was an easy one. She's a very simple individual, and wears a white robe, but it was hard to find one that was plain, just white and covered all. Her back is open, but a white shirt can cover that up no problem. I kept her barefoot for lack of any simple enough shoes that didn't clash, but given the ending of the book, bare feet are appropriate.

Delilah Copperspoon
Silver-Thread ArmourSilver-Thread PantsSilver-Thread Boots,  Simple black hair,  Red Rose .

   Delilah was the best part of Dishonored. I had been looking forward to the game so much and was totally disappointed by it, but I enjoyed Delilah Copperspoon in the DLC. I find the general design of the witches to be just generally amazing, I really love them, and Delilah's insanity and goals are amazing. She's one of the few female villains I've ever been able to take seriously.
   The costume wasn't easy, and I'm not satisfied, but what can you do? There are no all-black, large-collard coats/suits in the game. I went with silver-thread (bloody ridiculous to find) because it was very black, but also because the silver pattern was a good option to cover the silver/grey vines that covered her. Sadly I can't adorn her with flowers, so I had to make do with just holding one. I really wish black hair was actually black!

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