Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Entry 26: Setting Back Out

3rd Day of Summer

   The past few days have been interesting, to say the least. The Dwarves hospitality hasn't waned in the slightest, but, as ever, instead it seems a little too much. There's a lot of food - I can only wonder just where they get it from in a place like this - and a few too many glances in my direction with a different kind of hunger to them. But, all in all, it's been relatively peaceful. After thwarting the Dark Iron's attempt at doing Ragnaros' bidding, the Dwarves say they've not had sight 'nor sound of them. It's presumed they're trying to correct their efforts and start over again, as they seem to have some perverse need to have and serve a fiery overlord, but I doubt I'll be around when time comes to shut their operation down again. It seems to be an ongoing battle, but I can understand why they choose not to take war directly to the Dark Irons. They don't have the numbers, and as far as I can tell from their vague responses whenever I ask, the other Dwarven Clans don't seem inclined to help.
   The Dwarves haven't just been hospitable, they've been educational as well. The blacksmith of the area, Burninate, showed me how to repair my armour, and even made me a new set. It fits far better than anything I had before, and it's darker in colour as well. Of course, how they figured out my size when they're surely used to working with Dwarven figures concerns me a bit. I was told by another Dwarf that the generous gift of their craft was a grand one indeed, because, though they were fighting their brethren, the were shrewd individuals and didn't offer their services for nothing very often at all.
   They also showed me how to make a weapon, and so the axe at my side now has been forged, in part, by myself. I don't have as much confidence in it as my previous weapon, but that belonged to my brother. It was a difficult decision to take it with me when I left, but I couldn't leave unarmed, and neither could I afford a new weapon just for me. Obviously I can't leave it behind so I will have to burden Styric with it. I was, however, able to sell them my previous armour. They said they doubted they could do much with it, so if they couldn't find a buyer, they might be able to reforge the metal. I didn't get much for it, but I hadn't payed for it anyway.
   They also showed me how to swing the axe properly, so I've learned a little self defence from these wonderful people, too. I have to admit, for a race not inclined towards the Horde at all, they've been more hospitable than anyone else I've come across.

   I plan to move off tomorrow, but I'm feeling a little reluctant. Summer has been setting in for some time now, and it's finally ticked over to officially changing season, but the heat in this area - and the areas surrounding it - are more than I feel I can handle. The volcanic mountain a few miles to the south is spewing ash and increased heat over the Searing Gorge, and I don't feel inclined to head towards it, though I wish to see the Burning Steppes and the ruins of Thaurissan, and the jungle of Stranglethorn Vale further south.
   I feel I may just have to suck it up and start moving, or I'll still be here in Midsummer. The heat makes one feel lazy, and it's not just me that has to move, afterall, though I think when the heat truly sets in, I'll have to walk and give Styric a bit of a rest.
   I'll set out tomorrow, either south of back to the east. Either way, I'm not going to be out of this heat in any hurry, and atleast there's water to the south. I just have to pass on through.

   Yes, I'll set out tomorrow.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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