Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hallow's End Screenshot Competition - 1 Week Left

   Yes, there's just one week left now. The final date for submissions is the 30th of October (no specific timezone - if it's still the 30th wherever you are, it's on time), and winners will be announced within the following day or two.

   Remember, it's a simple competition, that requires the acting out of a story, poem or scene of a movie - of your own making or someone else's - through WoW screenshots. Any story will do as long as it's relevant to Halloween - it could be scary, it could be about costumes, it could be about trick or treating, or it could be about the Autumn harvests. As long as it is relevant to some aspect of Halloween/Hallow's End it'll count.

   There will be 3 winners, all of whom will get to choose their prize from a small list of WoW loot cards including Landro's Lichling (same model as Lil KT but counts as a seperate pet, and so counts towards pet achievemets) and the Ogre Pinata (non-consumable, attackable by anyone). The cards will be purchased after the winners give me their choices.

   So get your screenshots together! It doesn't require too much work, and it's actually quite easy once you figure out what story/scene you're doing. WoW Model Viewer is allowed - you can move NPCs or add items or such to your screenshots via WMV and GIMP/Photoshop (play about with colouring, opacity and saturation to make the NPCs or items look like they should be in the shot).

   Either put your screenshots on your blog and email me the link, or email me the shots and any wording that goes along with it - be sure to number the shots 1 to however many, in order, and if any writing goes with them, be sure to write the number of the accompanying screenshot beside the writing to avoid confusion. My email link is at the top, right of my blog's sidebar.

   For a little help, this is my example. It's a story made by myself for the event. As you can see, the story is uncomplicated, there were only about 7 shots used, and there wasn't much writing to go with each. Writing skill is completely irrelevant here.

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