Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hallow's End Screenshot Competition - 1 Week In

   We're one week into the competition. Personally I'm quite enjoying it, despite no entries yet. I showed you all my own piece to serve as an example last weekend, but I've had another idea that I'm going to get started on as well, which should serve as an example without any words.

   The concept is still simple: tell a story - any story, of your own making or not - using screenshots. You can write a little bit to go with each shot if you'd like, and you can use a scene from a book or film, or perhaps a poem, and even your own little story, but it has to be Halloween related. It can be scary, it can revolve around trick or treating, it can be melancholy, it can revolve around the Harvest or something like that, as long as it would be relevant to view at this time of the year. You don't need to use any Hallow's End items or scenes.
   This is a link to my own story. I made this about a week ago, before Hallow's End had started.

   There will be 3 winners this time, all of whom will win a simple Halloween-relevant loot card, such as Landro's Lichling (looks the same as Lil KT, but counts as a different pet), or perhaps the Ogre Pinata, which is not consumed but has a cooldown. The winners will be able to pick from a small range of loot cards, which I will then purchase once choices are made.

   To enter, it's best that you put your submission together on your own blog or page and email me (mailbox button on the top right of the blog) the link, but if you don't have a blog, or prefer not to do that, then you can just email me the story. In this case, please number the shots 1 to however many, in order, and if there is writing to go with each shot, make sure that each piece of text in the body of the email has the number to match its screenshot to avoid confusion. Winning submissions will be published on The Wyvern's Tail.

   The end date for this competition is the 30th of October. I'm hoping to announce and show the winners on October 31st, but it may end up being November 1st. Either way, the 30th of October is firmly the deadline. No leeway will be given this time, because I want to keep it relevant to the time of the holiday.

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  1. I'm waiting for the world event to start before I do mine as I have a world event related idea :)


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