Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hallow's End Screenshot Story Competition

   Well, the competition has come to a close. I received some really great entries! I was surprised by the creativity of everyone, and, to be honest, the diversity. I saw poems, I saw stories, I saw familiar tales. It was really wonderful to read them all, and to see the screenshots illustrate the stories. You all did a truly great job and I would definitely hold a contest like this again. Perhaps for Christmas!

   But anyway, I'll jump right in. There are three winners for this competition, and while the prizes aren't incredible, I hope you all at least had fun participating, and those that didn't, like I said, I'll try this kind of contest again, but the loot card will be set to a Landro's Gift loot card, and I'm thinking Christmas!

So, the winners, and their submissions are:
The Harpy's Nest - How Sprout Got Her Squash
Navimie - Azeroth and Hallow's End
Rinike - The Hounds of Baskerville

   Congratulations, ladies! I'll be in touch asap regarding prizes! Do read their entries, they're really very clever!

   Anyways, Happy Halloween guys! Don't eat too many sweets. I won't be dressing up, but Koruth and I have a movie to watch and a big bucket of chocolate. I'm going to have to workout hard next week to get rid of it all! But it'll be worth it.


  1. Wow YAY how exciting! Grats to Rinike and Erinys too, I am off to read yours now!


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