Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hallow's End Screenshot Story: Tharion

   It was that day again.
   Atherya looked down at the axe in her hands and smiled. The steel was cool, and its rose colour caught the light wonderfully. It was a beautiful weapon, she had always thought so, and one that had been in her family for generations. It was also surprisingly light in her slender hands.

   She headed to the best bakery in all of Quel'Thalas, which was rather unsurprisingly within the walls of Silvermoon City. She bought two slices of the most wonderful chocolate velvet cake - it was Tharion's favourite since he was a boy.

   She visited the most beautiful gardens within Quel'Thalas and collected some exquisite and purposely sewn 'wild' flowers. Tharion used to hide in amongst bushes like these when they used to play hide and seek as children. She knew he loved the smell, and the colour, even if he would never admit it.

   She spoke with the merchant in the general goods store and purchased a few of their candles. Candles were typically sold by their makers, but due to the holiday's demand, none of the artisans had been selling their candles as they usually would for a few weeks now, so she had to make do.

   It had grown dark outside, but she continued towards their meeting place in the Ghostlands evenso. The limited light from the sunset didn't reach the dead, burned land, which was almost always in perpetual dusk. It would grow darker soon.

   She knelt down before the monument that had been erected along the border between the two forests and began to lay out the items she had collected that day. Tharion would be there soon.

   The time approached midnight, and there soon coalesced a cloud of smoke, and the grey and translucent but still distinctive form of a High Elf. He smiled down at her with familiarity and sadness.

   "Happy birthday, Brother."

   People often said that the line between the living and the dead became weakest during the turning of Autumn, but others were sceptical. Atherya herself wasn't certain if this was true or not, but she came here each year to visit the spirit of her long dead brother, who had died defending their home along the border.


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