Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Moon Moon

   I'm not a particularly lucky person (recent events not withstanding*), not in terms of fun things, anyway. I am healthy, my family don't struggle for money, and I'm not a chav. I'm lucky in those areas. But, like I said, in terms of fun things, I don't find much luck.

   Except within WoW.
   I found the Green Protodrake in my third egg long before the drop rate had increased; I found and tamed Sambas the first time I went looking for him while Cata was definitely still relevant; I got the Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent on my third kill...there are other things, but I've forgotten them. I don't have the Timelost Proto Drake, 'nor Aeonaxx, and others similar.
   But today I took Atherya to the Darkmoon Faire to do the pet battle daily (I take it down easily just by using and killing the Darkmoon Tonk, using and killing the Dark Pheonix, and then using the Darkmoon Zepplin which usually survives), and I happened to see some wolves while scoping the area. I knew that they had to be killed to spawn elite wolves, and they had to be killed to spawn Moonfang.
   Atherya is still only 86, so she couldn't do much in the way of damage, but I kept her in place and had her kill Moonfang instead of switching to someone else. It took a long time with a lot of people, but we got him down, and right away I got Moon Moon. I also got the quest but I'm not 90 so I can't use it.

*recent events include (and I promise I don't intend to boast) winning the $25 JiNX gift certificate, a $50 Wassupbrothers gift certificate, a 'surprise' from Galaxy, which I'll find out about when I receive it, getting contacted about reviewing a really awesome product and getting a free one to review and keep, and getting a Hearthstone Beta key. I promise this is all just one huge stroke of luck lately, but there are other things I'd rather this luck have been used on instead. Still, it's been an exciting few weeks! :P

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