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The Five Most Haunted Places in WoW

   Haunted means different things inside and out of WoW. For us, 'haunted' implies strange activities, or the frequent presence of even just a single ghost, be they aggressive or not. In WoW, there are undead everywhere, and so the term 'haunted' would be frequently used to describe many places. As such, I'm not counting those places here.
   Instead, I'm using the term 'haunted' to mean that an area has strange activity and the frequent presence of even just a single ghost, with the echos of the past. Undead roaming around doesn't count. Phantom church bells do.

5. Caer Darrow

   Caer Darrow is doubtlessly haunted. The inhabitants of the island are cursed to relive the happiest moment of the island's history - Uther's visit. The inhabitants were killed by the Plague and the Scourge that followed, and through the severity of their situation were unable to find rest. However, rather than relive their deaths and the strife of the place, they're at least a little better off, to be reliving the better moments, even if they can't be put to rest.
   The ghostly inhabitants can only be seen if you have the Spectral Essence trinket, which is no longer obtainable in-game. I also believe that the individual who could replace the orb is no longer there either, so it's totally unobtainable as of Cataclysm. As I explained in my recent post, Caer Darrow, none of the inhabitants appear to realise that they're dead, except from Rory.

4. Darrowshire

   During the Third War, Darrowshire was attacked by the Scourge. The people who lived there, whether they fought or not, were all slaughtered, or thought to have been. Carlin Redpath is one of the few, if not the only survivor, and was found by the Argent Dawn, gravely injured. The battle of Darrowshire was re-enacted pre-Cataclysm and was more complicated than it is now, and usually required a group, but I never experienced it.
   Ghosts still roam the area, but only spawn, or reveal themselves, when you walk into their homes. The ghost of Pamela Redpath, another individual who seems unaware that she is dead, and unaware of the aftermath of the war, is also there, and sends you off to find her doll and get her father's sword back so that she can give it to him when he comes home. She knows that her father has gone off to war, and that she was told not to leave where she's currently found, but that's where her memory seems to end. It makes me wonder, how did she die? Did she die early on, or did she suffer some kind of trauma first? Did she watch the house burn down around her?

3. Karazhan

   Karazhan is considered the only true haunted house in WoW, and that's quite true. There's that spooky piano music playing for the most part, and there are all kinds of ghosts, invaders, cobwebs and so on, but these can be found almost anywhere. What makes it a haunted house, I believe, is the history of the location, knowing what went on in there. If it weren't for that then it would seem like just about any other ruined building in WoW with ghosts and undead.
   Medivh went mad, we all know this, torn between himself and Sargeras, and ransacked the place. His ghost still remains within the instance, and, in a way, the fact that you can't progress without playing his game is a little bit of a sadistic haunt itself - being forced to play a game that you may not want to, or many not know how to play, for the enjoyment of someone no longer living.
   Individuals such as Moroes still 'live' there as undead, and they continue to host banquets for the ghosts therein, refusing to move on or to accept what has happened to their master and his home.

2. Stratholme

    Stratholme, like four out of five on this list, is within Lordaeron. The Culling of Stratholme took place something like 16 years ago. I don't know the precise date, but according to the unofficial timeline (constantly updated and tweaked, while any official timelines are extremely broken and also inconsistant), the Culling took place around the 617th year of the King's Calendar, and we are currently in the year 633. Apparently.
   Regardless, we know that when Arthas became the Lich King, which was perhaps a couple of years after the Culling, he sat and waited for a long time, gathering his forces before launching any assault. He was at that for a while before we killed him, and since then, the Cataclysm has happened and so on. And due to Cataclysm having redesigned the world, it's safe to assume that something supernatural is happening within Stratholme, since it's still on fire.
   The city, like many places in Lordaeron, suffered from the trauma of the Plague, the worst thing to ever happen to, for the majority, Human civilisation, though the High Elves were certainly also affected. But the city was razed 16 years ago, and somehow it still burns. And ghosts of those who were killed before they turned still exist there, unable to move on, and who continue to walk around the city, going about daily business and talking to people who aren't there anymore.

1. Throne room of Lordaeron

   You all know that I believe King Terenas' throne room to be the most haunted place in the game, and this list was put together by myself, numbered by my own opinion, and I may well have missed a place or two out that would better fit. But regardless, I place this as the most haunted.
   My reasoning is that nowhere else will you find history repeating itself so constantly, and so unaided. There are ghosts in the courtyard, invisible, but present. If you cast an AOE out there, whether you can see them or not, you'll get into combat. The two large bells are destroyed, but they still ring. An inanimate object continues to ring as it did the day Arthas returned. Crowds are still cheering, but no one is there, and some of them may well have died peacefully, or have gone to rest at any rate, but their voices continue to cheer. The voices of Arthas, Terenas and Medivh can still be heard in the throne room itself, snippets of two pivotal points in Human history - Arthas' betrayal, and Medivh's warning. And the blood stain on the floor to the throne's left, which was left on the ground after Terenas' crown rolled away, trailing the blood of the Last King of Lordaeron. It has seen the most trauma for such sounds and voices to linger, and while, certainly, none of the three specific participants died peacefully, and their spirits could very likely never be at complete peace, it is not their spirits that continue to linger there, but rather the echos of the past. It's the location that's doing it, not the spirits. And so I mark this as the most haunted place in WoW. And the majority of people who pass through don't even realise it.


  1. Really nice idea for post! :p Haunted places <3

  2. Thank you ^^ I enjoyed writing it. I've never noticed just how melancholy Lordaeron is! I'm not surprised really, but I had never noticed that most undead and hauntings are around there. It's as if the plague never managed to get any further south than there really, it was relatively contained, minus Northrend.

  3. What a great idea for a post! Though I think Darkmoon Faire rates up there as really haunted too!

  4. Hadn't considered Dark Moon Faire, but it wasn't running while I was putting the post together so it really slipped my mind :P


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