Sunday, 3 November 2013

Christmas Shop Promotions

   As you've probably noticed, I've tried not to be too personal on this blog. I don't talk about my life very often, though I am open about bits, and I don't talk about my business often either, except in passing, or I try to keep it that way, but, given that it's the beginning of November and Christmas is just around the corner (7 and a half weeks away, in fact), I thought I'd break that habit, just this once (or twice) and tell you, very briefly, but more closely, about my business.
   There is a website called Etsy, it's a marketplace where many, many people sell their handmade goods. And I am one of them.
   I actually have two shops, one for jewellery and one for plushes, but the plush shop is quite small and quite quiet, and is now made up primarily of Plush sewing PDF patterns (immediately available to download after purchase).
   My jewellery shop, Peaches and Pebbles, is my main shop, and I've had it on Etsy for two and a half years now, and it's done quite well as far as I'm concerned. All the jewellery is handmade by myself, and you certainly won't find it in any highstreet store - and if you do, then there's some copyright infringement going on. Every now and then I also announce discount codes on the shop's twitter and facebook, but they never last all that long.
   My second shop, Grumble Cave Monsters, focuses on plush toys, where I sell sewing patterns and, sometimes, some limited edition plushies. It's been open for about a year now. It does nowhere near as well as my jewellery but business has been picking up lately. Discounts don't come up quite as much in that shop because I simply forget.

   For you readers, however, the discount situation is different. I am offering you all two incentives, one of which is permanent, while the other is limited to between right now and the 10th of January 2014, and will return at a later date.
   First of all, I am offering you all 20% off in both of my shops, for good. Just use the code WYVERN20 at checkout. To do this, when you add something to your cart from either of my shops, there is a link on the 'basket' page beneath the payment options and above the 'checkout' button that says 'apply discount code'. Click this, and a small box will appear in its place. Type or paste the above code into it, then click 'apply' and the discount is automatically applied. This counts towards orders of any size, and to any destination, and you can use it whenever you go into my Etsy shop. Be warned, however, that this code will not work in other Etsy shops, only in Peaches and Pebbles and Grumble Cave Monsters.
   The second offer expires on the 10th of January, or until I run out of loot cards, whichever comes first, and is only usable on purchases of physical items - meaning that, if you only purchase a digital PDF plush pattern, you cannot get a loot card code. Also, unlike the above offer, this code does not go in the 'apply discount code' box. This one, instead, goes into the 'message/note to seller' text box which is visible in your basket beneath the added product. Quote the code (with or without spaces, it doesn't really matter, this isn't automatic, it's manually checked by me as I put the order together) 'WYVERN LOOT 13' and I'll add a free common, unscratched WoW loot card to your order. Don't expect anything too amazing, though - these loot cards consist of Slashdance, Sandbox Tiger, and Footsteps of Illidan, among other things, and are limited to one per order (note: not one per person, not one per product. One per transaction, only). This means that if you're buying a gift for someone else, you get a little something for yourself!
   I've added two screenshots below to show you where each discount goes, and you can use them both on the same order.

Apply the discount code

Apply the loot card request, and any other info you'd like, be it an adjustment, a thank you, or to tell me what you're having for dinner that night. Be warned: you may then be forced to share.

   My jewellery is girly - of course it is - and it's great for sisters, mothers, girlfriends, friends, or even yourself. Most of it is animal- or space-related, and I have got one or two cufflinks in there, too. Remember that the 20% off code is redeemable whenever you want, but the free loot card offer is only available until January 10th. It will return at a later date, however - to celebrate The Wyvern's Tail's first birthday, for example. I also ship from the UK, so it can take a couple of weeks to reach the US and other countries, and up to 4 weeks the closer it gets to Christmas, so either prepare for items to arrive late, or buy with plenty of time to spare. The sooner the better, really. Either way, the Christmas purchasing deadlines are displayed in the text boxes beneath my shops' banners.
   There are also sellers on Etsy who make game-themed products, including World of Warcraft, so if you want to check out some other sellers, go ahead. Every sale on Etsy means a lot to the seller. But be warned: my discount code will NOT work in any other shop, and neither will the free loot card code.

   Thanks for reading - please don't hate on me too much. We all have to do what we can to make money, right? We will be back to normal broadcasting shortly!

NaBloPoMo November 2013

This offer is in no way affiliated with either Etsy, Blizzard, Cryptozoic, or Upper Deck. These loot cards were collected and purchased by myself specifically for the purpose of giving out to The Wyvern's Tail readers who purchase from my shop. Not all of these loot cards will be in English, but they are all redeemable on all realms and servers, EU, Oceanic and so on. Loot cards are also occasionally quite good cards for the trading card game itself. I do not take requests for specific loot cards, they will be given out at random. If you make 2 transactions with me, and quote the code in the message to seller box both times, I will try to make sure you get a different loot card each time, but Christmas is a very busy time for my shop, so I may not notice until packages have already been sent that you have ended up with two of the same loot cards. Loot cards will not be given out unless the appropriate code is stated in the message to seller box. None of the offers and discounts on this page are redeemable anywhere else than in

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