Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Entry 28 - Chiselgrip

7th Day of Summer

   I did indeed find safety to the east with the Orc and the Dwarves. They were happy to share food with me, especially when I told them what had happened to the north with the Dark Iron clan. The Dwarf in particular seemed pleased with the aid I gave his people, while the Orc just seemed happy to have new company. He told me that they were going to wage war upon the Blackrock clan who dwell within the mountain, and when I offered them aid, they told me they could cope. I was a little surprised, given the scale of things in the area against the Blackrock Clan, but they seem confident enough. They were quite helpful, too. When I told them I wanted to get to the ruins to the north, and I asked if it would be reachable, they told me about another camp to the east which was directly south of and only a short distance from the site. I told them I'd set out the next morning, and when I awoke, Ariok (the Orc) was already up and preparing to leave the camp. He wished to escort me since he was heading there too, and it was just as well he did. While I learned a bit of fighting from the Dwarves recently, I'm still not as skilled as I could be, and my minimal abilities would never have defended me from the Blackrock ambush that was waiting by the roadside.
   Before I even knew what was happening, Ariok was already on top of them, and he did a fast job of taking them out, but I couldn't help blaming myself. I hadn't even dismounted before it was over.
   Ariok told me that the Orcs that ambushed us were young and hotheaded, and saw a group of two travellers to be an easy target. "They were wrong," is all he said in regards to their actions, however, and we continued onwards.
   There were no further attacks, fortunately, and we made it to the next settlement by supper time.
   I must also add, as it was a great honour, that Eitrigg is here within Chiselgrip. He's a highly respectable Orc, and more of them should be like him. I was a little surprised to see him out here, as I had expected him to never leave Orgrimmar, given his position towards the Warchief, but it has made the Burning Steppes seem a safer place.
   I've only seen the ruins of Thaurissan from this settlement, but the ruined walls are quite low. The area seems expansive, and a rift has opened through it and, I'm told, is filled with fire imp Demons. I'm a little disappointed with the remains, but I'm still going to explore it tomorrow. It's quite accessible, and, other than the imps, I don't see any other threats.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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