Wednesday, 6 November 2013

It's Not Working, Is It?

   Well, I was planning to sit down last night and write some blog posts for both of my blogs to fill out NaBloPoMo a little bit, but I ended up watching Koruth play GTA instead. I was planning on joining the IntPiPoMo by Admiring Azeroth, but I've not been on WoW all that much lately, and given that I didn't grab any shots over the past 5 days, and it being unlikely that I will in the next few days either, I'm not so sure it'll happen. I'll try, mind you, if I aim to take about 2-3 shots a day I should manage the 50 shots, but I'm not certain it'll happen soon. Still, I'll try.

   I've not been on WoW much lately. You know how it is with the late end of the expansion. I'm more interested in what the next expansion will be. Patch content only tends to keep me interested for a week or so. Once everyone else buggers off and the places are more empty, I tend to lose interest myself since I have no friends to play with, so I think I can be forgiven.
   Instead I've been focusing, as before, on prepping my shops for Christmas. I did get one very exciting sale the other day, which has made a huge dent in my Christmas financial crisis, so I'm dead chuffed about that, among other details. As it is, though, I just have to hope for more sales.

   I also really enjoyed the Hallow's End competition - don't worry, guys, I've bought the loot cards you each picked out and they are on their way! I was thinking about doing it again, this time for a couple of Landro's Gift cards, which can yield one of many different things, but I don't think it could be a Christmas/Winter Veil-specific story, because while there is an awful lot of creepy/haunted/disgusting things in WoW suitable for Hallow's End, there's not much in the way of jolly, gift-giving and happiness really. So it would either have to have a broader theme, or no theme at all. I don't know, I'll think on it. I have a month to decide, unless anyone else has any suggestions.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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