Monday, 18 November 2013


   Lots has been going on! Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium received my necklaces recently, and they'll be up on sale this week I believe. I won't see a penny until they either all sell out, or the 22nd of December gets here - whichever comes first.
   I'm also only a handful of sales away from meeting my Christmas target (money earned, not sales made), but the closer I get the more I question whether or not it'll ever actually happen! You know how when you obsess over something time can pass so much slower.
   On the plus side, I've finally got a few new products up! Well, two, but they're animal jars and people seem to like them. These two are leopards - an Amur and a Snow Leopard - and are 12mm big in 3cm glass jars. I'm quite pleased with them but definitely more so with the snow leopard ^^ unfortunately, because I'm running low on jars, there are only three of each of the leopards available. (by the way, readers here get 20% off with the code WYVERN20 - just in case any of you are still Christmas shopping. Hey, we have to do what we can for business, right?)

   I've been ill with a rotten cold for a week now, but I've been feeling more creative than ever. Fortunately I have lots of scrap bits of crafting materials left over from other projects or failed products so I have all I need really. Except the things I want to make I have absolutely none of the materials for. But such is life. I'm focusing on Christmas shopping for now, anyway.
   I'm also very grateful, because my DSLR's lens broke about two weeks ago (a gear had broken so it was making an awful grinding noise whenever it tried to focus - definitely not good) and it was off of warranty so I couldn't get it fixed. Dad tot he rescue, he surprised me with a new and more powerful lens. I told him off, quite seriously, and told him at the least he should have kept it for Christmas, but he kept saying no. Thinking about it, I'm not sure I could survive on the run-up to Christmas without it...

   I finally got Atherya to level 90. It was tough because it was my fifth run-through and while I was excited to do it all again initially because it had been a while, in the end it got very tiresome. I've still got my Pandaren Monk at 85 but to be honest, I think she might end up neglected. And when Warlords comes out I'll probably use the level 90 character boost on my level 46 rogue, as well as giving her a faction change. I struggle to get excited over playing Alliance characters unless they're somewhere I've never been.

   How's everyone else been lately?

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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