Saturday, 21 December 2013

And Back To WoW.

   Yup, my business is all finished for Christmas. After a very long and very busy November and December rushed off of my feet filling in orders, I'm finally able to relax, and it feels good. I had loads of fun with my shop, I realise how lucky I am to be payed for crafting, but it can get tiring, and I'm glad to be done with it now until the new year.
   I managed to get the Emerald Hippogryph - yes, I recruited myself, just like I did for the Obsidian Nightwing, but none of my friends are gamers, and none of them are at all willing to pay for WoW and all the expansions (despite the Vanilla-Cata edition) and then the monthly subscription after it, but nevermind. I only did it because it was on sale - this mount ended up costing me £13, which is £4 less than an average Blizz store mount, and £7 less than the Enchanted Fey Dragon (which is so worth the money - I was worried I'd be disappointed with it once I got it, but I'm not!).

   I've been doing a lot of archaeology. I love it, I really do, though I have little idea why since it's so repetative. The only idea I have is that it gets me all across WoW and into all of the different zones, zones I've not been in for ages, and that's nice ^^ But I get bored and distracted and so on so it's not surprising that I give up eventually, or grow bored, but it's the one thing that I'm always eager to return to when I think of it.
   I managed to clear the Vrykul, Nerubian, Orc and Draenei digsites last week, and get all of the rare items (and, I presume, the normal ones too - I never actually thought to check achievements...well that's something else for me to do, isn't it!), and now I'm working on getting the last single rares from Troll, Dwarf and Night Elf. Once I've done that I'll go back to Mogu, Pandaren and Mantid. I'm a little sick of the sight of MoP, but only because I've been out there for so long and not in the other lands, and it's nice to have a change, but so far I've not completed a single MoP rare, though I have at least discovered the Mantid's sonic gun thingy.

   I also got this shot of Zes'qua on the Timeless Isle - I'm pretty sure it's a bug. I've only killed her about three times so I can't remember but I'm pretty sure she's not supposed to die like that, but I think it's quite a pretty shot! :D

    I'm getting back to WoW now, anyway. My sales came to a stop today, and I'm (kind of) pleased for it, because yesterday was my last posting day this year. They'll start up again soon, but to nowhere near the extent they were during November and December - but I have learned a lesson: don't base the current year's success off of the one before. I tripled everything this November and December compared to November and December in 2012, and while I doubt that I'll triple everything again next year, I had better be sure I have loads of stock and supplies, just in case. If it's even just as busy as this year, at least I won't have to panic and overnight supplies from overseas. Ouch. But, I can say that, while some people did purchase too late to get their purchases in time for Christmas, I did get everything out of the door by the deadlines and within the shipping time frame stated on each order, so I'm very happy ^^

   Is everyone else ready for Christmas?


  1. It's not a bug! You can make things die like too! :D Odd Polished Stone and Kang's Bindstone have a chance to turn things to stone upon death. It's awesome and works on raid bosses too!

    Glad to hear your christmas rush is over and you can relax. Gratz on your shiny new mount! :D

  2. Ooh I never knew that! Someone who killed it must have had it. It looks pretty awesome, though! I'll have to hunt those items down!
    And thank you ^^ new mounts are always awesome - I've got about 135 so I'm still a way off the 150 achieve but I just don't play enough to either get the drops or the currency/reputation to buy them!


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