Monday, 27 January 2014

New Human Female Model

   I was excited, like many were, when a new model was announced. I didn't really know what to hope for - either Blood Elf or Troll females really - but I figured that the odds were it'd be something I didn't care about. Lo and behold, female Human, the most uninteresting of all WoW races.
   I was surprised by it, though. I thought it looked great, and it was the first time so far I've been truly impressed by one of the new models. I've thought the others looked good, minus a few exceptions, but I've never really looked at them and thought 'wow'. I'm not quite impressed enough to play Human, or really Alliance, but definitely quite impressed. I thought she looked great. There are a few problems around the waist line if you're looking for realism, but in truth I think she looks grand.
   I think she could have done with a bit more muscle, given the nature of our characters, but this is a cartoonish game, and they have to go for what sells, and muscly female Humans won't sell. So they've gone a more bankable route and I think that's fine, personally. It's not like it makes a difference to anyone's personal lives.
   I think people who are getting upset over it are being a bit unreasonable. The only real danger with slender and attractive female models is that young men who have never gotten close enough to a woman to realise what our bodies are truly like will believe that perhaps we all look like this, but they're setting themselves up for disappointment and I don't think women should bother getting so upset about it. Physical appearance isn't everything at all - personality will always override it in the long run - and on the other hand, perhaps the more overweight of us should see it as a challenge rather than a threat. You should take motivation in whatever form it comes. I also don't think we should be looking for realism in a game like this, either, Human or not.
   One thing that's always bothered me about this debate over female models in games is the total lack of ever discussing male models. Has no one noticed that most male models in games are either slender or muscular? They're never usually fat unless they're evil. Why do we never hear about it? Men don't let themselves get bothered by such things. Women are just as likely to look at a male model and decide all men should look like that just as males will to female models. Not all females will, and not all males will.

   But anyways. I always thought the Human models were atrocious, partly, perhaps, because I knew precisely what they were supposed to look like - I'm not, like, boasting or anything, but I'm Human too - and I think that that comparison between old and new model is what has made the new model more impressive. It feels like more work has gone into this than the others, or perhaps they simply did a better job this time.
   Her hair looks amazing, the hair was always something that bothered me, and it's probably the best part. The worst part are her breasts. Oh my gosh, the B-word?! Whatever, they're wrong. The original model actually was more accurate. They've kind of been slapped onto the front of her chest instead of molded around it this time. They look fine from the front, but the side is completely off because they start too far forwards.

   While we're on the subject of new models, I will take a moment to express disappointment over the Undead models. Don't get be wrong, they do look good, and they are an improvement, and I'm not really sure what it was that I was expecting, but whatever it was, I was expecting more. I mentioned how I dislike the symmetry in their rotting, and I was really hoping that that would be addressed, but it wasn't. I think the females are too pretty and their skin is too smooth. They're dead - they've been dead long enough to have bone poking through their skin, so why are their faces so smooth, except where you choose the features? I'm not keen. I don't think they should try to make undead attractive. Undead have awesome, they don't need pretty. Humans need pretty, they don't have awesome.

   How is everyone else feeling about the new models shown so far?


  1. Yeah, something gruesome is what I'm after, too. She's dead! She won't be pretty! I don't mind pretty females in game but sometimes there are some races that just shouldn't be, and in WoW, Undead are that race. And Gnomes and Goblins I suppose, too, but mostly Undead!

  2. Also love to see female model very much. I got huge of important idea after reading your article. A big thanks for sharing with us !!


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