Thursday, 20 February 2014

New Female Orc Model

   I love her. I've got a level 51 female Orc Shaman but I haven't done anything with her for about a year to be honest. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy Shaman, or that I didn't enjoy an Orc, it was just that I had other characters and other, higher content to focus on instead of levelling. Part of me has been a little bit keen to level through Kalimdor again so for a moment I considered deleting her and remaking her, but I know I'll probably get stuck further back than 51 again.
   I'm gradually learning that my initial complaints about new character models are misplaced. I had hoped they'd make whole new models, but they're only updating the originals, but honestly, that's all that's really needed, especially when those original models are the basis of the aesthetic value of each race, anyway.
   I really like that we're being shown (still keen to see female Trolls but I get the feeling I'm going to be disappointed because I'm looking forward to it so much - I hope that they can make a fierce face without making it look ugly, and perhaps liven up the cute face. At the moment it seems like there are 4 fierce but a little too ugly faces, and one cute face that couldn't harm a fly), and I like that we're being shown one gender at a time, but what I like the most is that we're being shown just one - or more or less one - face and no more. It means that there will hopefully still be surprises. I'm not 100% that that applies to the Undead since they only really have one face but then with different options of detail - missing jaw, bare jaw, rotten cheeks and so on, which we've kind of seen all of on the male Undead already.

   Her body looks amazing. She was muscular anyway, but the colours used on the body to outline those details weren't dark enough and it all kind of blended together to create a green mass. She stands a little more normally now (though I did stand like female Orcs currently do and I did feel powerful xD) and her boobs are on her chest rather than her ears, and, wow, the shaved parts of the head look amazing. I would expect to see female Trolls with the same detail on some of their 'dos so I'm quite excited about it!
   What I love the most with the new models is simply that their faces aren't as smooth anymore. Sure the skin looks soft, a little too soft for races like the Undead, but they have more shading and more lines, they're not as flat anymore.

   I love Daeaye, of course I do, but her face looks so unfinished, I've always thought that, and then when the Isle of Thunder brought out new Troll models, and I saw that female one, Daeaye has looked pretty shit. I still play her, obviously, but I think I'd be more keen if she was finally given a new face - whether that face looked like the newest Troll models we've seen, or otherwise. Obviously the model I'm talking about was a boss so it's unlikely they'll share the same model, but I can hope.

   Will anyone be making an Orc because of this? Or do you actually hate it? As with the Trolls, I hope some of the female Orc fierce faces are a little more palatable as well.


  1. I love itttttt! Can't wait to see my fancy new shaman! :D

  2. Ah yes, I knew there was someone around here with a female Orc :D I'm quite excited to see the finished piece, probably more excited about this than any revealed so far. I still think the Undead are too smooth and clean! The Orc looks great, I love her little nose :D


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