Saturday, 22 February 2014

What Is This?

   I was running around the Timeless Isle, as you do, and noticed that some of the ledges under the water looked like cave entrances. The vast majority of them weren't, but this one, beneath the Gulp Frogs, was. What the hell is it? To my admittedly limited knowledge, no rare or chest spawns in there. The heart is made up of glinting sand, and there are 4 chairs within in surrounding a grim campfire. I looted all the sand to see if anything happened - nothing did. Sat on each chair, nothing happened. I eventually left, and when I came back later on the sand had all respawned. Anyone know what it's a reference to? There's bound to be something.


  1. Oooh, I have no idea! How very spooky, though.

    Slightly off topic, but I really hope they continue with this theme of adding nooks and crannies to explore in Warlords. As dumb as it sounds, I absolutely loved finding those lost treasures and weapons while leveling in Pandaria. I can't explain it, but it just made the world feel more alive.

  2. MoP was very focused on exploration, but I do believe that the devs said that WoD will be keeping to the same level of exploration itself. I can't imagine it would take all that much time to add these little extra places but you never know. I certainly hope they keep it up! And it isn't dumb at all, I think finding weapons and lost treasures was the most exciting thing about Pandaria for me, and THAT sounds dumb! :P The world really did feel VERY alive indeed. Definitely one of the better changes.

  3. Haha, not dumb at all! I totally agree that it was incredibly exciting. That, or killing a rare on my own and getting some cool trinket thingy. I'm very glad to hear they're keeping these new features around!


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