Wednesday, 12 March 2014


   I mentioned before that my boyfriend and I used to play the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, and that we really enjoyed it despite how hopeless I was at it. Seriously, I won about 10% of the games we played, quite literally. And yet I kept trying.
   I was kind of saddened when it ended and was replaced by Hearthstone. I loved the cards themselves, they were great fun to collect, and I loved the enormous variety of different heroes you could use. Hearthstone is a bit too simple in that regard, with only familiar faces like Jaina and Garrosh, and I don't like the voices so I play with the sound off. But I signed up for the beta anyway. And I have my fingers crossed for loot card equivalents in the future.

   I'm still hopeless at the game - the fact that it's become digital hasn't changed much about it except there are fewer cards and the heroes are boring familiar faces. It's still difficult, for me at least, trying to see every possible outcome is not something I'm good at, plus the game is based vaguely on luck (drawing the right cards at the right time) as well as a well-built deck.

   So you can imagine my surprise when I won three games today.
   Oh yes. There are screen shots.

   The Hearthsteed mount is okay. Not the prettiest thing in the world and I don't really have a character that it would suit, so I expect it'll sit in my mount collection with a hundred others and never  be seen again. Still, free mount, and you never know, it could be of use in the future. I thought there was a red one, but perhaps that's reserved for some kind of ranked play achievement or something. Maybe something was even said about it, but I would have much preferred that one :( nevermind, beggars can't be choosers!

   Will you be going after it? Have you already tried? Have you already succeeded?

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