Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Nice to Meet You!

   I've been trying for the achievements on the Timeless Isle lately, and one that you'd think would  be easy has proven to not be, for me at least. I'm never on WoW for very long, so 12-24 hour spawns are basically no-shows for me, so Golganarr has taken me months to find. So I was so pleased and excited when he shouted across the Isle the other day!
   I had hoped that, since he had a massive spawn time, the two blues he dropped might have a higher drop rate than that of other rares, but they don't. However, both blues also drop from the Eroded Cliffdwellers (which are the only things keeping me from getting Killing Time), so I guess that counts as a higher drop rate at the end of the day since you don't have to wait for him.

   Well, neither of the blues dropped, though I was finally able to tick him off of the Timeless Champion list, but for some reason I've been seeing him a lot lately - well, three times, but that's a lot compared to months of never having seen him before - and after my third kill I was lucky enough to see the Odd Polished Stone! Hooray!

   I've also been looking for the Battle For the Barnacle for ages and have never been lucky there, either. I think it's probably because the location is a bit out of the way - to see it I'd either have to run around there, go to the edge of the cliff filled with Ordon, or run through the Gulp Frogs, and hanging around in those areas isn't something I do often unless I've got a little group or I'm killing Bufo (a rare occurrance, I always just miss him). But I decided to wait it out one day while I was working on my shop - all I had to do was alt-tab every now and then. And then, finally, POW, there it was!
   Like I said, these aren't really difficult situations to get into, but I've been quite unlucky with spawns! So I was quite pleased to finally see and take part in it. Captain Zvezdan's Lost Leg didn't drop but that was a bit much to expect. I'm just glad to have ticked the spawn off the list, and I know it does actually exist now.

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