Sunday, 18 May 2014

WCC: World of Warcraft Temporary Tattoos

   This was a fun project, but not one that took too much work. I bought temporary tattoos from Etsy recently, and they're awesome. I used to love the things when I was a kid, I always used them, and since I bought some from Deborah Ballinger Illustrations on Etsy, I've been using them again. I do want tattoos, but I neither have the guts or the money. Though it's mostly the money. I'm not scared of needles, and have four piercings, but piercings and tattoos are different, even if they are in the same vain.

   So I decided to try my hand at temporary tattoos. I used the faction crests for my tattoos, and since I'm pro-Horde I focused exclusively on the Horde factions and phrases. As with most temporary tattoos, you peel off the plastic, stick the paper to your skin and press a wet cloth against it before removing the paper. The one complaint I have about them is that they left quite a thick shiny layer, and unlike ordinary temporary tattoos you have to cut close to the design otherwise you'll have a great big shiny patch of nothing on your skin. But that's what you get with homemade temporary tattoos. Either way, they work just fine. They printed well (I remembered the flip the image), they stuck to the skin well and stayed put for about four days which is great. I'm quite happy with the outcome of this project, and it was somewhat spur of the moment. Spur of the moment projects rarely go well. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

   I managed, I finally managed to get 'What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been'. I could have gotten it last year if 'School of Hard Knocks' wasn't so stupid. And yes, I am complaining because I'm not a PvP'er. I could manage only three of the four criteria myself last year, and again this year, and the one that kept getting away from me was capturing a flag in Eye of the Storm. Returning a flag in Warsong gulch is no problem, just stay in the flag room. Assaulting a base in Arathi Basin is no problem, just...well just play the battleground. And assaulting a tower in Alterac Valley was no trouble either because there are so many of them. You just need to keep trying. I got quite lucky, though, and managed to knock each criteria out in my first go of each battleground. Eye of the Storm, however, is so hard because not only do you have to get the only flag but you have to successfully capture it, too, and with everyone either trying to get the achievement, or trying to actually play the game, it makes for an impossible task for someone with next to no PvP experience.
   This achievement doesn't just create a problem for people like me trying to get it, though, it's for PvP'ers, too. For a full week of the year they have to put up with little nublets like me running around and messing about with terrible damage, giving the other side kills and generally not playing the game. I feel so guilty when I go into battlegrounds, especially for an achievement, because I know that my presence alone is letting the side down, so I always do my absolute best and often get quite stressed out about it, but at least I don't leave as soon as I got the achievement. I stick it out and do my best to maintain my side's hold over bases and keep our flag in the flag room. At one point I managed to take down an Alliance flag carrier all by myself, but I think they must have been a pretty bad player for that to have happened, but at that point at least I knew I'd helped rather than just letting him go (though he'd have been killed by someone else even easier outside, I'm sure).

   But yup, at last, I got the achievement. And now I feel a little empty because, unless a new mount or pet is added every year, none of the world events have anything to interest me with anymore, except the chance for some gold doing the questlines, but to be honest that's gold I could have gotten from dailies if I could be bothered with them anymore, but being exalted with everything means there's little to gain from them beside shiny coins.