Sunday, 18 May 2014

WCC: World of Warcraft Temporary Tattoos

   This was a fun project, but not one that took too much work. I bought temporary tattoos from Etsy recently, and they're awesome. I used to love the things when I was a kid, I always used them, and since I bought some from Deborah Ballinger Illustrations on Etsy, I've been using them again. I do want tattoos, but I neither have the guts or the money. Though it's mostly the money. I'm not scared of needles, and have four piercings, but piercings and tattoos are different, even if they are in the same vain.

   So I decided to try my hand at temporary tattoos. I used the faction crests for my tattoos, and since I'm pro-Horde I focused exclusively on the Horde factions and phrases. As with most temporary tattoos, you peel off the plastic, stick the paper to your skin and press a wet cloth against it before removing the paper. The one complaint I have about them is that they left quite a thick shiny layer, and unlike ordinary temporary tattoos you have to cut close to the design otherwise you'll have a great big shiny patch of nothing on your skin. But that's what you get with homemade temporary tattoos. Either way, they work just fine. They printed well (I remembered the flip the image), they stuck to the skin well and stayed put for about four days which is great. I'm quite happy with the outcome of this project, and it was somewhat spur of the moment. Spur of the moment projects rarely go well. 

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