Saturday, 28 June 2014


   I've not been playing WoW much lately, I've been extremely pre-occupied with writing my book (almost finished and plans for the next are underway!), and I was given an opportunity to have my jewellery displayed in an art gallery in my nearest WWT gallery, so I'm quite excited about that and I've been spending a lot of time putting new and better pieces together for it, and I'm working on making ducks and the like to suit the nature of the charity. It doesn't take place until July-October 2015 so I have plenty of time to make all the pieces I'll need to, but the sight of the year '2015' still seems like 3 years away so I've been slacking, which I can't afford to do! The last thing I need to do is procrastinate and have to make about 100 pieces in just a couple of months!
   Also the Christmas in July sale event on Etsy takes place in about two weeks, so I've been busy stocking up my jewellery for that since it tends to be quite successful.

   I got 7 free days from Blizzard so I have managed to get online - just as well they gave me that time, because I've been thinking about coming back but I knew I'd get bored quickly and didn't want to waste the money on it if that was the case. I was right: I got bored after three days.
   With the Midsummer Fire Festival in full fiery swing, I decided to try to take some screenshots I've been meaning to for months and months. They didn't end up how I imagined them, but I'm still quite happy! I'll probably try and retake them at another point, though.

   And I've been trying to hide from any info, screenshots and the like from Warlords, because I prefer to see it all when it comes out, whether that's clever of me or not. But I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see any sign of Troll models, because we've seen completed or snippets from every Alliance race and most sexes of them, too, but nowhere near as much from the Horde races, and the longer it's dragged out the higher my expectations get!

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