Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New Troll Models

   I always said what I hated about the female troll faces was that there was one cute one, and the rest were hideous. No, trolls aren't supposed to be the most attractive of races, but what I really wanted was something between cute and hideous, because I liked the viciousness of the hideous ones. And I think they really nailed 'something in between'. She looks great! My single complaint is the lack of abs. I had hoped for more musculature. Seeing the concept art for female trolls in the original World of Warcraft art book made me think it was a possibility, as did the model for High Priestess Mar'li (who I realise is a boss so she gets special treatment) so I am a wee bit disappointed there. But otherwise I have to say that, for once, I'm happy :D Although I am a little concerned that the cute face is going to be made even cuter, in which case I'll have to buy an appearance customisation.
   The males look good, but I'm not seeing a massive difference to be honest and I had hoped for a little bit more, but I can live with it all ^^

   What are your thoughts on the new trolls?


  1. I like them. They're savage but not overly so. They've sealed the deal on my free 90 going on Troll Druid because I was torn between a Female Orc or a Troll.

  2. The female orcs look great too, but these trolls are winners :D I just hope the other faces are diverse. I'm sure they will be, but the recent shot of the two new Dwarf 'faces' only seemed to change eye colour :( fingers crossed!


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