Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New WoD Faces - Male & Female Trolls, Female Tauren, Male Night Elf & Male Humans

   Wowhead recently showed us some images of the different options for female trolls, male trolls, female tauren, male night elves and male humans. They all look pretty good, but given that I've not made any of those except female trolls, I'm unable to appreciate the improvements in the differing faces.
   The female trolls on the other hand I'm a tiny bit disappointed with because the differences between the faces still aren't as drastic as I had hoped, but they're each undoubtedly a massive improvement on what we have now. Even the cute one looks a little more grown up and less baby-faced, and I can say with confidence that I'll be changing Daeaye's face to something a little more aggressive the moment I'm able to. I also like the slight changes of colour for most of the hair, too!

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