Friday, 15 August 2014

Warlords of Draenor

   A brilliant cinematic, as always, but what I loved the most was that Grom gave the same killing blow here as he did in Warcraft 3, but instead of being killed by the explosion, he's saved from it. It's a nice little extra something there :D

   They've also released a new mini series, similar to that of the Burdens of Shaohao mini series with the same sort of animation, too. So far only one episode is available; I'm not sure what the release pattern will be, but I think the Burdens of Shaohao was one a day for about a week? This could be similar.

   The Collector's Edition is the same as normal, with a behind the scenes DVD, soundtrack, mouse mat, art book, mount/pet combination, Starcraft 2 portraits and a Diablo 3 pennant, with the addition of 'card backs' for Hearthstone, a level 90 boost, and, of course, the game itself. It's priced at $90/£60. Amazon do have their price promise, but it's not likely to drop. Either way, I pre-ordered my copy way back in March.
   The two things I love the most about collector's editions are the art books and soundtracks, and it took a while but I finally got a copy of the Burning Crusade art book not too long ago. Yay!

   They also released a video of the game content - I've not watched it, I'd rather see it all for myself when the expansion is released, but I've included the video here:

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