Sunday, 12 October 2014

More WoD Character Models and Faces

   MMO-Champion showed the rest of the faces today, and, of course, my focus is on the female Trolls. I might simply be mistaken, but I thought there was a little more difference between the faces than there are currently shown. Like I said, I might just be mistaken, though.
   I have to admit that I'm torn. Part of my problem with the old models was that she looked unfinished and expressionless (and I'm not talking about the lack of eyebrows) and the face I chose for Daeaye - the cute one - was simply because the fierce looking ones were a little too ugly. But now they've been redesigned and some of the fierce ones look a little prettier/younger, my problem is that the cute one also looks a little better, and ever so slightly fiercer itself - slightly. I probably will change her face in the end, most likely for the middle left one shown below, but I have to admit that even the cute one looks quite good now rather than innocent to the realities of the world and subsequently out of place.

   The tusks also look good, though they have, for the most part, only been reskinned, but some of them look more prominent than they did before. Daeaye has the biggest tusks because I wanted to offset the cuteness of the face, but I think I'd be happy to give her slightly smaller ones now.

   I was also quite pleased with the female Tauren - I've never liked them so I've never made one, but I think I'd be happy to make a Tauren now, too. She still doesn't seem quite as hunched as she should be, but I also think that the updated graphics make her appear a little more hunched. Or, at any rate, her neck and shoulders appear more pronounced.

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