Saturday, 11 October 2014

New WoD Character Models and Faces

   There are a few cases of 'same face' and different eye colours, but in all fairness, I think the new character faces for Warlords of Draenor shown on MMO Champion today look pretty good.
   I have my complaints, of course - I think a lot of people will, if just because it's a change - but there's not a single Undead female face I like. It's true that Spinegrinder has a pretty face and a bone jaw, but that's just because I wasn't keen on the ugly Undead faces when I made her 6 years ago. But is it just me, or do the new Undead female faces look far too smooth-skinned and like she's just eaten a lemon and is pretending she liked it? Her lips are puckered and too high up the face.
   I'm almost glad we're going to be able to change our faces at the barbers, and I've already decided which I'm going to change Spinegrinder's to. I've also just noticed while writing this post that one of my least favourite faces - the one which is almost just skull - has been virtually removed. She still has most of her skin on the remake of that version, which is a real shame. No, I never liked it, it was a little too creepy for me, but I don't like that they've gotten rid of the option.
   I'm also not keen on the updated features - Spinegrinder has the rotten bony jaw, and its angle always looked just fine to me, but now they've made it only part of the jaw rather than the entire thing, and it looks...odd. First it looks like she's pulling a face, and second, those patches of skin along the bottom are too perfectly shaped.
   I'm almost tempted to leave her as she is, but I'm not sure about how the new models work - if someone enables them on their account, does that mean they only see the new models, or does it mean that only their models are new both to them and to everyone else?

   The female Orcs, on the other hand, look all right. I'd have liked to have seen a little more ferocity in some of them, but I think they've done a good job otherwise. I never felt there was really much of a choice to begin with (though, of course, seeing them all laid out like this does make me question that opinion), but I think I'd play my Orc a little more with a new face. By the way, she's just hit Northrend. Only took me a year!

   I'm going to finally resub to WoW in the next couple of days, too, as I'm sure many people will. The Iron Tide is coming to Azeroth on October 14th, as will many of the changes. You can read more about the Iron Tide on MMO-Champion.

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