Monday, 13 October 2014

Patch 6.0.2 - It's All Go!

   It kind of snuck up on me to be honest. I'm a bit forgetful so I didn't really think about the patch containing as much as it does, but patch 6.0.2 - the final patch before expansion release - is coming out October 14, and with it comes more changes than I expected. This means that, as of tomorrow, we can see the new character models (except Blood Elves who will be arriving a little later than the rest), the toy box, class ability pruning, the stat squish and so much more.
   The Iron Tide is also arriving with all of these changes, and with it a small questline to try to hold back the tide. Given that the event is coming out a good month before the expansion's release, it's possible that it might well evolve. As you know, I don't like to read notes because I'm the kind of player who prefers to see everything in the game itself, so I don't know if this has already been confirmed or denied. Not reading the notes admittedly means that sometimes I miss things, but it also means I don't discover everything all at once...but it also means I flounder with my characters a bit initially. This is just the way I prefer to do things and it's the same with brand new games, too. I've seen nothing about the new Assassin's Creeds, nothing about Dragon Age 3, and I saw nothing about Shadow of Mordor (Destiny was a different story after playing both Alpha and Beta) either. I just prefer it that way.

   Anyways, I've already resubbed, and I'm raring to go! I'm not fussed with the changes being made to the current game, so I'm not going to bother trying to get this or that achievement or whatever - whether I regret that or not will be on my head :P if it was important I'm sure I'd have done it already.

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