Friday, 31 October 2014

Perky Pug Halloween Costumes

   I spent the entirety of Hallow's End gathering tricky treats this year. I never usually bother but there were so many new things this year I couldn't help going for them all. I got the Lich King costume on Daeaye - which has now been fixed to allow flying, thank goodness - and I got both of the pets on Atherya, but when I thought "I'll get the pug costumes too" and saw that the Yipp-saron was 150 tricky treats, I knew I'd have to do it on another character as it was very last-minute. But I got them all in the end, and I have to say that, actually, I'm more fond of the mad alchemist costume than the others! I bought it on two other characters with some left-over treats ^^

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