Saturday, 1 November 2014

Day of the Dead Contender's Costumes

   While using the last of my tricky treats in the Undercity this morning, I noticed activity near the wicker man. I assumed that there were Allies trying to finish last minute dailies, but when I noticed I wasn't selecting any targets while tabbing, I wondered what was up. Then I noticed half of the attackers were wearing Day of the Dead clothing and performing moves like 'quick punch' and 'sweeping kick' on other Horde players. I was so confused! I figured it had something to do with dancing with Catrine, so I did it but nothing beyond the usual costume appeared. I checked the vendor, curious for any new goodies, though expecting nothing, and I came across five new pieces! Contender's Costumes in five colours and slightly different looks as well all for 100g a piece. Once used (non-consumable, I might add) you're able to attack other players wearing contender's costumes for 10 minutes, using 3 unique abilities - quick punch, sweeping kick and jump attack. And you can kill them, and you can die.
   The costumes can be used outside of the event and seem to have unlimited charges and no expiry. The downside? Apparently they don't count as toys, so there's 5 bank slots used up again because I didn't think about it before buying them all...

   There are three achievements - To The Afterlife for 1 kill, Vientos for 20, and Calavera for 50. I also love how you immediately start flexing when you equip the costumes, but I did notice that the Blooming Rose which Daeaye is wearing has a rose in the mouth - at least on a male orc. Daeaye doesn't seem to have one.
   I also love the sheer chaos that followed in the Undercity shortly after it started. Everyone was after everyone!

Jump Attack

Quick Punch

Sweeping Kick

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