Monday, 15 December 2014

Get Down, You Fiery Bastard

   It was a little...well, a lot of hassle. Next to no one knew what they were doing - I, for once, almost wasn't one of them. I may have pulled a mob or two. And perhaps a patrol. But it was all fine! 2 wipes and the raid was done in an hour and forty five minutes. I realise I was carried, but I did my best at the same time which is better that than standing back like a couple of other people did. I earned my mount ^^ I expected it to go really badly actually, like I'd have to find several groups and give it several goes, but we did it in one which was great. No pet drops, and my helm was already 640 (engi, yay) but it's a great thing to have nevertheless :D
   Seeg and I did it together, which was annoying for him because he, somehow, got 620 before I even managed 615. It was a new gun that finally tipped me over, as well as a few 615 garrison mission. Still, that's done, and I can get into heroic dungeons now, too :B

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