Tuesday, 20 January 2015


   I'm sure most of you are aware of how much of a loner I am when it comes to this game. If Seeg isn't playing, I'm on my own, doing my own thing, and interaction with other players is very rare. I wasn't always like that; back in the old days group quests, especially 1-60, were common and you had no choice but to find other players, and I still remember how awkward it was - for me, at least.
   Well, since group quests have gone bye-bye, I rarely, if ever, talk to other players. Though, when I do, it's usually because I'm jumping to the defence of someone who very politely asked a perfectly valid question in trade (one I'd have asked several years ago) and someone unduly replies with hostility rather than giving an answer. Strange, really, for someone as quiet as me in game to only pipe up if someone's being an asshat, but it's a quality I admit that I like. It's certainly better than being the asshat.

   Anyway! Yep, loner. So imagine my surprise when seconds after I logged in the other day I got a whisper in purple text rather than blue. I panicked at first, especially because all I was greeted with was my name, but I clocked the character name (eventually) and was shocked to find it was Navi of The Daily Frostwolf! She'd tracked me down to ask why I don't have any WoW stuff in my Etsy shop (something I've been trying to work on since she said so) and we got talking. It was intimidating - what can I say? I've never considered myself a 'proper' WoW blogger, and given that Navi's is one of my favourites I was honoured to have been tracked down.
   We spoke about a number of things, and she pointed out all of the quest achievements there are. I hadn't seen them yet (I don't look around at achievements very much unless there are rewards, and even then all I've really looked at are the pet and garrison sections) but now I suddenly have even more to do. She also mentioned the Garrison friend, Peckers the raptor, who I quickly went out to get. I love dinosaurs!
   We were talking a lot about how people are bored already and that we're both addicted to garrison missions. It's all the real-time stuff; if missions only progressed while you were logged in it would all go so slowly, but knowing that things are happening without you really pulls you back. If a mission is finishing in 10 minutes' time I'll stay put and wait so I can send others back; the same goes if an important work order is about to be completed so I can put another one in line. It's stupid, but if Blizzard wants to keep people subbed, that's certainly one way of doing it!
   We also talked a little about her daughter, and she sounds lovely and my kind of player, fascinated and perfectly content with the simple things. It was Navi's post about her daughter and Pepe that alerted my attention to its existence - unfortunately, I had Pepe on my head when I went to meet Navi in the ever gorgeous Thunderbluff, but in my nervousness I managed to missclick and Pepe poofed away...I'm not even sure what my mouse was doing near the buff in the first place...heh... ^^'

   Navi is a really lovely person and I really enjoyed speaking to her, and it's endeared her blog to me a little more. Actually speaking to the person behind it puts both her and the blog in a whole new light, and I just wish I could speak to others in the same way. But, as I said, I'm a loner, and speaking to people even in text puts me waaay out of my comfort zone, which is strange given that everyone I know in person think I'm a ridiculously energetic person. I think it's the expectation of a response and I overthink everything. As I'm sure you can see from this post. I get the same way on Twitter, any time I get a tweet I think hard about how to reply. I feel it's rude not to reply to a tweet, so I try not to let that happen, even if it's a simple one, but sometimes I just can't think of a good reply and it gets me a little more stressed out than it should :P All writing this post has done is alert me to how awkward I am...

   Basically, I got Navispammed, it was cool, she's lovely, I was nervous, and to be honest I still am a little bit, but it was good fun. So thank you, Navi, for the company! I appreciate being included in your vast collection of navispamees!

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