Monday, 30 May 2016

Debut Book Release

   Yes, I really am going to dare to come over here and talk about this after a silence of so very, very long.
   First of all, I do intend to revive this blog - I know I've said this before, but I do mean it, and I also intend very much to revive Atherya's diary first and foremost. At this precise point, however, it's not possible because, as far as short stories go, I started work on another recently which I've been posting on my main blog. It's not warcraft-related, it's a tribal fantasy, but there is an end in sight for that one, and should be fully installed by the end of July. Aside from that, though, it is just a side-project and most of my dedication is going into my new book.
   Which brings me onto my main point: my book's release.
   I stopped writing this blog really last year, which was when I was working towards the end of the book, and then came the long, drawn-out process of reading, re-reading, re-re-reading and tweaking every little thing I wasn't happy with, correcting every little mistake and making it as close to perfect as my very, very tired eyes could see. And now, after two years of writing, a year of tweaking, and 6 months of publishing prep, my book is now finally ready for release.
   I am stupidly excited about it, of course, as I've wanted to be a successfully published fantasy writer since I was 12 years old, and at 25, it's finally happening!

   My debut fantasy novel, The Archguardians Of Laceria, is being released on Kindle for £4.99 / $7.50 in all regions on June the 4th and will be exclusively available through Amazon, and a part of Kindle Unlimited, until September, when it will be released on other platforms. But with Amazon's free Kindle reading app, fortunately you don't need a kindle to read kindle books anymore, you can download them onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc, which is great because it means anyone can read it! Yay!!

   Queen Rysana is a strong female lead, and I'm quite confident about her. Most female leads that I've come across personally tend to either be too butch or damsels in distress, I don't often see female characters who are able to balance femininity and strength.
   I'm also really happy with the world itself. It's not particularly high fantasy - there is magic, there are 2 dwarves, and there are other creatures and unnatural settings, but there are no great dragons, grand arcane organisations and so on. I'm quite confident that the world is a believable one, with believable characters - but in the end, only readers can decide that. I, at least, am happy with it, and I wouldn't have let publishing complete if I wasn't, because I'm also quite terrified of finally getting myself out there!

   If anyone happens to read it, I'd love to know what you think! I'm presently working on another book, as I mentioned, in a new world, and I've learned a lot even from writing Archguardians which I've taken into consideration on my new story, but if there are any areas of improvement I may have overlooked, I'd like to know about them. Writing is my passion, it always has been, and I want my books to actually be an enjoyment to read.

   So, yep, this is my news and the ultimate reason as to why The Wyvern's Tail has fallen by the way side for so long. The work I had to do on my book to get it ready for publishing ate up a lot of my time. I've still been playing WoW and I'm seriously excited about Legion, but I've had nothing to blog about in regards to it. Hopefully that will change in the coming months, and I'm hoping that, by Legion, it will be alive again.

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