Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Entry 1 - Doomsayers

17th Day of Summer

   The Legion is coming.
   After all this time.
   I've heard the stories, just as everyone else has; tales of waves of demons rolling over the hills, devouring, destroying everything in their path, taking no prisoners but those they intend to corrupt with their own darkness, that they might be useful to them in their next campaign.
   I think that's what unsettles me all the more: we are nothing to them. If they succeed in taking Azeroth, they will simply keep going, onto the next world, then the next, and the next. Nothing borne of this world can beat them.
   But...I suppose they were never truly gone. Pockets of demons and fel corruption have lingered here and there, and warlocks still 'grace' us with their abilities in tight spots, summoning demons from the nether as if calling a pet cat. And from what I can tell, in most circumstances, the demons are almost as obedient.

   I watched the Scourge destroy my home, it killed my brother, and that, I thought, was torment enough. Now the images I'm subjected to at the hands of my own nightmares makes it seem trivial. After all, what is a scar in the land when compared to its total annihilation?
   The demons seek to destroy us, devour our magic, eradicate any trace of order. They have tried time and time again, directly and through means of frightening subterfuge - the orcs, the Lich King. It is true that Azeroth has beaten them on every count...but I feel my final shreds of hope fading. Perhaps that's why I've taken to writing a diary again after all the troubles in Northrend. To try and regain some of my naivety.
   I blame the warlocks. Their use of demonic magic and summoning demons to their aid. They must be responsible, somehow - that kind of power simply can't come without immense repercussions. But they're so arrogant in its use that they probably think they have complete control.
   Warlocks will be of no use to us if the Legion truly arrives. They will be a weak link in our defences and it will be all too easy for the Legion to manipulate them and plant spies in our midst.

   Mark my words: the warlocks will have their part to play.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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