Monday, 8 August 2016

Entry 2 - Premonitions

25th Day of Summer

   I have a feeling, but it's one I've been unable to put into words even in my own mind, where I can accept a jumble of images and words as an answer and make some sense of it. Writing it down is another matter, and speaking of it, impossible.
   It's more than dread. It's more than terror. It runs deeper than any feeling I've ever had. I give it a moment of thought and my throat closes up, and if I could squeeze my voice through I'd surely only squeak.
   I'd say that...oh I hesitate even to put this into words. I'd say that this is what a premonition might feel like. Whatever I'm experiencing, it's accompanied by a sense of certainty. Something is about to happen. And as I look down at this ink smudged pamphlet, I have an awful idea of what it could be.
   Light preserve us. Only once in my life have I wished to be so wrong, but I fear even Tharion's death pales in comparison to this.
   Please let me be wrong.
   Please let me be wrong.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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