Saturday, 13 August 2016

Entry 4 - Doubts

29th Day of Summer

   There's truth to it - all of it. There have been increasing whispers and doubts throughout the city; Orgrimmar's streets are more packed than they've ever been before but the atmosphere is far from social. Everyone is keeping to themselves, sending wary glances to anyone they pass - there are people I know to be close friends who now regard eachother with suspicion, and that tension is reaching out to others around them like tendrils of shadow, intangible but somehow definitely there. It's oppressive. Even I am succumbing, and ever since I heard someone torn between weeping and whispering hushed promises to themselves in the room beside me, I've been avoiding the tavern. In fact I'm inclined to leave the city altogether. Despite the exposure of Durotar's harsh terrain, it somehow feels safer. There are no eyes out there, no whispers in the dark.
   And yet I can't bring myself to do it. I can't tear myself away from the need to know, to overhear from others exactly what is happening, every single update be it fact or hearsay - sometimes rumours can provide more than truth. Whether dreadlord infiltrators are a truth or not, it reveals that there are people among us with the intent to deceive, and I cannot, in good conscience, leave the people I've come to call my friends in their reach.
   But what can I do? Nowhere is safe, and I know they would not leave if I told them to. They turn a blind eye to what is happening, too afraid to leave Orgrimmar for it would mean they acknowledge the implications, that even our homes, our sanctuaries, cannot offer us any kind of protection. And what is a home if not that? This city has been providing that to them far longer than it has to me; I only returned from Northrend recently - indeed, I feel more affection for the grasslands of the Grizzly Hills than I do Orgrimmar's great gates. But...I think I do understand their reluctance. Orgrimmar has long been a fortress, and none, even those who live beyond its walls, would wish to believe that the towering gates could be circumvented as easily as rumours suggest.
   But that's what infiltrators are trained to do. What use would there be in planting spies or corruptors in easily-accessed settlements? It would be a waste of valuable skills, be they demons, orcs, men or elves.
   I don't think for a moment to defend the actions of these infiltrators, nor to justify the folly of anyone who stubbornly remains here...but I understand.

   Despite the atmosphere that seems to be encouraging the spread of mistrust, I will remain for the moment. I will have to make a decision soon, either to stay here or return to Quel'Thalas. I find that neither appeal to me, but I see little other choice.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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