Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Entry 6 - Upheaval

33rd Day of Summer

   The Horde is in turmoil. Vol'jin has fallen from the touch of fel magic and he has named, of all people, the Dark Lady, Sylvanas, as his successor. I would never speak publicly, and I hesitate even to write it down, but I question the wisdom in such a decision.
   And yet...who else could take the mantle? Baine is too young, too inexperienced, and I know that our esteemed Regent Lord is looked upon by the others about as fondly as the Dark Lady.
   I fear, deeply, what will become of the Horde under her rule. It is true that we sin'dorei have not had the best interests of the other races at heart, but the Forsaken...they have done too much against all of us as a means to expand their own positions. They cannot reproduce, so they turn the unwilling dead - humans, for the most part, and that, understandably, does not sit well with them, and as she has waged war against the people of Gilneas, it is no secret that King Greymane bears even less fondness for her. But she has not acted favourably within the Horde, either; slow to offer her aid and concerned only with what she stands to gain for her own people. We sin'dorei may just about fall into that category if she lapses into sentimentality, but I fail to see a circumstance in which that could happen unless she were to make amends with her surviving sister and allow herself to feel again.
   Garrosh thought only of the orcs, and I fear Sylvanas could turn the same way. Her next choices, those in the face of the Legion, the Alliance, and the Horde, will be crucial.

   But these thoughts weigh too much. None will be given time for duplicity or revenge in the face of what is coming, and any that are would be fools to embrace it. But though I know the only thing worthy of present thought is what is 'right' for Azeroth, the stifling uncertainty that has come with yet another tumultuous shift in leadership has left me increasingly inclined to turn my thoughts inwards and leave the city.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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