Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Grove Warden, At Last

   It was a rest day today, which meant my morning was free rather than spending it exercising. Seeg had been saying for a while that we should go for the Grove Warden, and today we saw someone selling a run and went for it. Seeg hasn't played in ages and I'm still wasting my time with Jakur of Ordon (though I did take time out from farming him to farm pamphlets - oh the joys of WoW) so we hadn't really seen anyone sell it until now.

   And of course Seeg upset everyone by getting the Edict of Argus on his first ever Archimonde kill - I got Archimonde's belt, so that's kind of cool.
   So yep - a good Wednesday, and a mount I'd wanted since its model was first released ticked off of my list.

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