I've been playing World of Warcraft since 2007. I've never been much of a PvPer, and neither have I really done any raiding. In fact, I have never raided at the appropriate level. I've only ever done low-level content, but I've had fun with it.
   Due to this fact, I've become quite partial to mounts, pets and random, useless and cosmetic items.
I enjoy drawing and writing outside of WoW, so you'll occasionally see awful illustrations and short stories popping up on here from time to time. I urge you to stay with me, though, I'm sure they won't last long.
   The Diary of Atherya Sunleaf is a fictional journal which follows my Blood Elf (of the same name) as she levels. It's creative and fictional, set within the world itself, rather than written as a player, questing. One of my personal dreams is to become a successful fantasy author - I've wanted it since I was 12, and I've been practising it since - and I'm hoping that this journal will help work as a sort of online portfolio, demonstrating my ability to build a character - if I have one - and my ability to use punctuation, paragraphing and so forth. Obviously, it won't catch much attention, given that I'm writing a fictional character in someone else's fictional world. I would never try to take credit for that.
   Otherwise, outside of WoW, I create and sell whimsical jewellery and plush toy sewing pattern PDFs, and I'm a full-time carer for my disabled mum.

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