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   This page features links to past posts featuring my own WoW watercolours, and the artwork of other WoW players. You can submit your work to be posted by following the instructions below. There will soon (hopefully) be an option here to have your own WoW character custom watercolour. This will include both a digital copy (ie a scan) AND the original watercolour. This will be a worldwide thing, with no restrictions.

The Wyvern's Tail Watercolour Paintings

Submit Your Artwork:
1. Make sure your image is no bigger than 1050px at the longest/widest edge. This will usually involve resizing the original to make it smaller. The reason for this is to prevent theft of the original images.
2. Attach the images to an email.
3. Provide the name you wish your artwork to be associated with - be it your real name or screen name, it's up to you. Also provide me with a paragraph or  two about your work - such as why you do it, how long for, what you use - paints, pencils, digital programs etc - and finally, include the URL you want you images to link to. This can be your deviantART page, your own website, or a link to a page where you take custom requests, if any.
4. Send me the email and sit patiently. If I need more info from you I will be in touch. I will let you know when your artwork is scheduled to be posted, and send you a reminder email when it is live.

Please note: only high quality submission will be accepted. Feel free to send me any artwork you'd like as long as you are the original artist of said work. You may consider your artwork to be bad but I may well disagree. I'll accept paintings, drawings, digital pieces, sculptures (be they huge and stone, or small and clay) and so on, but please, no frontal nudity.

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