Screenshots and Wallpapers

Screenshots and wallpapers taken from in-game with applied filters. More will be added as time goes on. Feel free to comment with requests.
    All wallpapers are captured on my own PC, and given my funny monitor, the resolution of them all is 1366 x 768. They should fit smaller monitors just fine, unstretched, however.

To save, right-click > open in new tab/window > right-click > save as


  1. These are gorgeous! I always wonder how people get such great screenshots. mine are so...dull.


    1. Thank you! You just have to wait for the right moment. In truth, mine just happen. While I'm out questing or gathering or gathering resources for crafting, I might see something - a certain location lit really nicely with the light of another place. I also turn my graphics waaaay up, which lags my computer insanely, but I always make sure I'm in the perfect position before hand so that when the graphics are increased, I only have to hit 'print screen' and then wait half an hour while my graphics turn down again :P


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