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   You can donate any amount through the button below. To my knowledge, the currency is set to USD, though I myself am in the UK. You can use XE.com to convert currency if you live elsewhere.

Sponsor & Advertise

   Alternatively, if you have a blog or website, for $5 you can advertise your own page on my blog! Ads appear at the top of the sidebar, and run for 30 days. Anyone who purchases an ad space is able to write a guest post if they wish, which will be posted at some point while their ad is live.
   The ads must be relevant, however. So ads pointing to bakeries won't be accepted, while gaming fanpages, comic sites and merchandise are encouraged. Not that there's anything wrong with bakeries at all.

   The ads MUST be 180x200px, width by length, and they must be made to this size. I won't accept stretched ads. These can feature illustrations, screenshots and so on, but please, no nudity, and no photography unless necessary.
   There are only 5 spots available per month.

   To purchase an ad space through paypal, please use the Paypal button below. It will purchase just one 180x200px sidebar ad space that will run for 30 days. Please ensure that you either:
• Send me the link to the image (ie. photobucket's service) and the URL that you want your ad to link to while paying through paypal
• Send me a seperate email immediately after payment with the image itself and the URL that you want your ad to link to.

   The ads will be sorted within 24 hours. If they are rejected, you will be refunded and your ad will not be put on the sidebar, so as I said before, keep it relevant.

Purchase a 30 day, 180x200px ad space

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