The Diary of Atherya Sunleaf

As taken from the Twisted Nether Wikia:
The Blood Elf, Atherya Sunleaf, has grown tired of her home in Quel'Thalas. Following her mother's death, she sees no reason to stay rooted down to where she is, and gives it up to explore the world beyond the borders of the Elven domain. But very little is what she expected. After witnessing the burning of the Blackened Forest, she assumed that the Scourge threat had been more or less pushed back, aside from a few stragglers, but when she crosses the border through the Thalassian Pass, she is shocked, and not a little heartbroken, to see what has come of the world on her doorstep. Things begin to look up shortly, when she finds greenery and life once again, and as time goes by, she grows more adventurous.
This diary follows the 'levelling' of a single character, and includes snippets of lore as well as a creative story in a world we are all quite familiar with.


Entry 1: Doomsayers
Entry 2: Premonitions
Entry 3: Whispers
Entry 4: Doubts
Entry 5: Elvenkind
Entry 6: Upheaval
Entry 7: Joining The Fight
Entry 8: Hidden Hope
Entry 9: Face of a Ghost
Entry 10:


Entry 1: Leaving Quel'Thalas
Entry 2: Thalassian Pass
Entry 3: Tirisfal Glades
Entry 4: Silverpine Forest
Entry 5: Hillsbrad
Entry 6: Arathi Highlands
Entry 7: The Eastern Plaguelands
Entry 8: The Wetlands
Entry 9: Whelgar's Excavation
Entry 10: The Gryphon's Feather
Entry 11: Dun Algaz
Entry 12: The Badlands
Entry 13: Tomb of the Watcher
Entry 14: Rescued
Entry 15: The Reliquary
Entry 16: Uldaman
Entry 17: The Descent
Entry 18: Archaedas
Entry 19: The Discs of Norgannon
Entry 20: The Searing Gorge
Entry 21: The Thorium Brotherhood
Entry 22: The Cauldron
Entry 23: The Slag Pit
Entry 24: Twilight Lord Arkkus
Entry 25: The Archduke
Entry 26: Setting Back Out
Entry 27: Burning Steppes
Entry 28: Chiselgrip
Entry 29: The Ruins of Thaurissan
Entry 30: The Heat

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