WoW Crafting Challenge

   The WoW Crafting Challenge is a challenge I put together for myself to indulge my need to craft. The aim is to create as many things as I can related to or inspired by World of Warcraft, using as many different crafting mediums as I could. There is only one catch: I cannot repeat a medium.

   Anyone can join in with this challenge, and the challenge can be adapted for different games, or even movies, TV shows and books. There are a few guidelines to follow, however:

1) As stated above, you may not use any one creative medium more than once. There is only one exception to this: if you work with a certain medium, and your attempt fails, you may try the medium again until you get it right. However, in these situations you are obligated to show your previous and failed attempts. You may only post a medium on your blog once, meaning if you were to try, for example, polymer clay on the 1st of a month, but your attempt fail, you would not be able to show that failed attempt until you made a successful one, even if that successful one happens on the 20th of that month. To post a medium once, whether it succeeds or fails, is to tick that medium off of your list. You may not go back. The best way to present your failed attempts is to add them to the bottom of your successful post, sort of like bloopers during a movie's credits.

2) You may choose a different game from World of Warcraft, or even a movie franchise or something. Note that this challenge works best with fantasy or sci-fi due to the nature of imagination. However, once you choose your subject, you must stick to it. You cannot deviate.

3) There is no pre-defined list of creative mediums you must use. As long as something requires skill and imagination, it can be classes as a creative mediums. Some mediums have subcategories, all of which can be treated differently. For example: culinary arts has, off the top of my head, 5 sub-categories: cooking, baking, chocolatiering, confectionary and cake decorating. You may use all of these, if you wish, and classify them as different categories. An example of a medium that doesn't work along such lines is jewellery. Whether you make a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet, jewellery is jewellery.

4) If you want a goal or a finish line, consider these: you may stop when you reach 10 items; you may stop when you have run out of ideas; you may stop when you have run out of realistic mediums (meaning things you can do - swordsmithing, for example, is not something just anyone could do); you may stop when you exceed 15 items and get bored. I will be aiming for the last one, personally.

5) There is no need to write or show how you made something unless you want to.

6) You may not copy anyone else's work. Be original. You can choose to make things from within the game itself, or you can make other things that are simply inspired by it. But you must not copy other people. It's just not on.

7) You can take as long as you'd like on this challenge. I started creating things 2 months before officially announcing the challenge on my blog on the 23rd of September 2013, and when I posted my first piece the next day I had 7 things completed, others still in progress, and more ideas on the cards, preparing to begin. My plan is to post one a week. The reason for this is partly to keep it consistant, so that I can focus on making other things at my own pace and keep posting at the same time, and also because fan created content can draw in a lot of attention, and we all want our blogs to get noticed, don't we?

My own pieces:

1. Pandaren Balloon Village - Pencil Drawing
2. Pandaren Lotus Farm - Watercolour Painting
3. Arcane Eye Chocolate Truffles - Chocolate
4. Furbolg House - Clay
5. Night Elf Druid My Little Pony - Remodelling
6. Hallow's End Candy - Confectionary
7. Blizzcon Cake - Baking
8. Bamboo & Ink Map of Pandaria - "Cartography"
9. Imbued Netherweave Bag - Sewing
10. Night Elven Jewellery - Jewellery
11. Valentine Cards - Cards
12. Horde Tattoos - Temporary Tattoos
13. Ashenvale Diorama - Shadow Box

Other Participators:

TycerTank - BlogTwitter

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